2017 Finalists

Innovative Company of the Year

  • Kindara
  • Revel Gear
  • Roccor

Incubator/Accelerator of the Year

  • Boomtown
  • Mergelane 
  • UpRamp Fiterator
Innovative Products and Services Categories –

Software & Mobile Apps

  • Bear Systems
  • Sospes 
  • Techtionary

Health Care

  • Kindara
  • High Precision Devices, Inc. 
  • Skyland Analytics

Life Sciences

  • BioPharma Inc. 
  • Range Biosciences
  • Soma Logic

Sports & Outdoors Inc. 

  • Canaima Outdoors Inc. 
  • Revel Gear 
  • Xero Shoes

Natural & Organic

  • Green Chef
  • Love the Wild 
  • Purely Elizabeth

2016 Finalists

Innovative Company of the Year

  • Biodesix
  • Madwire

Incubator/Accelerator of the Year

  • UpRamp
  • Innosphere
  • Mergelane

Innovator of the Year

  • Joel Oakman, VAIREX Air Systems
  • Dave DuPont, TeamSnap
  • Kristy Lewis, Quinn Foods
Products and Services Categories –

Clean Tech

  • New Sky Energy
  • Clean Energy Collective
  • Prieto Battery

Health Care

  • Eximis Surgical
  • High Precision Devices, Inc.
  • Green Sun Medical


  • QuadshoX
  • Asius Technologies
  • Silvernest

Mobile Applications 

  • Sospes
  • 3PHealth
  • TECHtionary


  • Stratom Inc.
  • Acroname
  • mcSquares


  • EnergyLogic, Inc.
  • CaliberMind
  • Bear Systems

2015 Finalists

Innovation of the Year –

  • 2015 Award Winner – InDevR, Inc.

Innovative Company of the Year

  • 2015 Award Winner – InDevR, Inc.: InDevR creates analytical technologies for the life-sciences industry that enable the accelerated development and manufacturing of life-saving products that enhance diagnostics, vaccines and other bio therapeutics.
  • JumpCloud: JumpCloud securely manages and connects employee identities to their devices, applications and networks.
  • minuteKEY: The MinuteKEY kiosk is the first and only fully automated, self-service key-duplication machine that can be seen in such major retailers as Lowes and Walmart.


  • 2015 Award Winner – Unreasonable Institute: Unreasonable Institute unites entrepreneurs with mentors/funders/partners in specialized global educational institutes (ranging from five days to five weeks) created to scale solutions to the world’s biggest problems such as poverty, lack of education, and social justice. Labs/workshops focus upon business validation and investment preparedness to take a business to a new level of growth.
  • Boomtown: Boomtown provides resources and mentorship in the areas of branding and logo design, marketing, code feedback and usability testing, plus hosting and legal services.
  • Galvanize: Galvanize campuses offer entrepreneurs education programs that are rooted in industry and a community of lifelong learners. Courses include: Full Stack Web and Software Development Program; Data Science Immersive Program; Masters of Science in Data Science; Data Engineering Immersive Program; Workshops on Python, UX/UI, Marketing, Machine Learning.

 Innovator of the Year-

  • 2015 Award Winner – Dale Katechis, Oskar Blues: Founder of Oskar Blues Brewery in 41 states, Oskar Blues Original Grill & Brew, REEB Cycles, Hops & Heifers Farm, and the REEB Ranch. Dale is largely credited with being the first craft brewer to sell nitrogenated, canned beer in the U.S. Oskar Blues also has led the industry in developing a resealable beer bottle and selling its beers in larger cans.
  • Bruce Borowsky & Zach Daudert, Boulder Digital Arts: Bruce and Zach co-founded and have grown BDA into the largest tech training facility in Boulder County, helping thousands of individuals and companies keep up with ever-changing technology and all creative digital arts, plus have introduced the new Code Craft web development boot camp.
  • Christopher L. Peterson & Dr. Phillip Villella, LogRhythm: These co-founders  developed this security intelligence company that empowers organizations to recognize and respond to cyber threats through a platform that brings together SIEM, log management, network and endpoint forensics, and advanced security analytics.

Products and Services Categories –


  • 2015 Award Winner – JustRight Surgical: Develops right-sized surgical devices that access confined spaces and operate effectively on delicate tissue bundles and fine structures allowing smaller incisions and better visibility.
  • InDevR, Inc.: InDevR creates analytical technologies for the life-sciences industry that enable the accelerated development and manufacturing of life-saving products that enhance diagnostics, vaccines and other bio therapeutics.
  • Encision: Encision makes a complete line of innovative laparoscopic instruments that improve physician performance and patient outcomes, such as the AEM(R) Burn Protection System, which eliminates stray patient burns during laparoscopic surgery.


  • 2015 Award Winner – BlackSquare Technologies: BlackSquare Technologies has designed, engineered, built, and now markets a patented, real time, hardware encryption and key management IT security device called Enigma.
  • BluFlux: BluFlux is an RF design, engineering and A2LA-certified cellular/OTA/RF test company with a focus on helping to accelerate the release of connected products.
  • Atomic20: Atomic20 is a marketing agency and shared creative workspace dedicated to free agents and curating teams that solve design challenges.


  • 2015 Award Winner – Earthvisionz: Earthvisionz creates enterprise-level, location aware, visual data-management systems that help make smarter and faster decisions providing unlimited data, including live feeds, overlaid onto specific geographic locations.
  • Conspire: Conspire unlocks a network by measuring the strength its relationships — and millions of others — to uncover the best paths to people, ideas, resources, and opportunities.
  • Fliptask: FlipTask is an online marketplace that is revolutionizing the way tasks and errands get done.


  • 2015 Award Winner – TECHtionary: Offers BiEyes, an iPhone/iPad photo app that allows pictures to be taken with both cameras at the same time called SNAP or POSE. The user takes one pic and then another, and can can see them in 11+ image formats such as screen-in-screen, “blended” together, corners, plus save or share them in multiple media.
  • Soundwall Inc.: Soundwall is a new medium that combines art, sound, and social technologies to create an immersive art experience. It offers art and creative surfaces that connect visual experience with high quality audio.
  • Lunchbox Electronics: Lunchbox Electronics has created the smallest, stackable, LEGO-compatible, light up bricks called Build Upons that are compatible with LEGO bricks. Light up a robot, house, spaceship or monster.

Social Media/Mobile Apps

  • 2015 Award Winner – Makeena: Makeena has created a shopping ‘ecosystem’ that helps healthy and sustainable brands reach shoppers, and shoppers discover brands and products that meet their lifestyle preferences or dietary needs at any retailer for an affordable price. Makeena is sometimes also described as “Waze” meets “Yelp” meets “eBates” for the natural products industry.
  • SqFt: SqFt is the first fully transactional real estate app that gives a homeowner the ability to create a professional real estate listing, send that listing out to 900 real estate sites — such as the MLS, Zillow and others — and permit buyers to schedule showings and make offers through the app.
  • Lassy Project: Lassy Project is a free service that gives parents and guardians the ability to notify an entire local community about their missing child or at-risk adult in seconds.

Green Business

  • 2015 Award Winner – Clean Energy Collective: A solar tech startup in 2009, Louisville-based Clean Energy Collective has grown to become the world’s leading developer of roofless community solar solutions. CEC pioneered the model of delivering clean power-generation through medium-scale solar PV facilities accessible to all utility customers.
  • Sustainable Power Systems: Sustainable Power Systems’ flagship product is their Universal Microgrid Controller, which orchestrates the operation of all components of a power system, in both standalone (off-grid) and grid-interactive microgrids.
  • Black Swift Technologies: Black Swift Technologies has worked with researchers at the University of Colorado and NASA to develop a small unmanned aircraft system capable of mapping soil moisture.


  • 2015 Award Winner – VictorOps: VictorOps is the real-time incident management platform that combines the power of people and data to embolden its DevOps pros to handle incidents as they occur. Transmogrifier allows on-call engineers to have the solution baked into every IT problem that comes their way. Software and sites can be kept running to begin solving problems immediately and reduce “alert fatigue” that often comes with being on call in IT.
  • Knowledge Factor: Provides the only learning software available (called amplifier) that integrates neurobiology and cognitive psychology with multidimensional big-data analytics to consistently deliver dramatically enhanced learning outcomes and improve organizational bottom lines.
  • Quick Left, Inc.: Quick Left provides software-development services and tools specializing in web development, design, training and mobile applications. It operates Sprintly, a development management platform designed to power a more productive relationship between teams and their managers.