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Boulder Valley: Tuesday, October 31, 2017 

Do You Have a High IQ?

Innovation drives the Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado economies, and the IQ Awards celebrate the “Innovation Quotient” among Boulder Valley and Northern Colorado businesses, honoring the region’s most-innovative products and services. Finalists for the awards preform mini “pitch-slam” sessions for a panel of judges, who then make their selections back-stage.

Finalists will be honored in one of the following four categories:

  • Innovator(s) of the Year — Honors an individual entrepreneur or researcher. An entrepreneur will be considered for fostering a culture of innovation within their company, while a researcher or team will be considered for a major discovery or innovation.
  • Innovative Company of the Year — Recognizes a Boulder Valley company for promoting a culture of innovation in the region.
  • Incubator/Accelerator of the Year — Honors a Boulder Valley incubator or accelerator that has had a major impact promoting innovation in the Boulder Valley.
  • IQ Awards for Innovative Products or Services — IQ honors products and services that have demonstrated a high degree of innovation, with strong market potential. Up to seven honorees will be named for innovative products or services, broken down into categories.
    • Judges are looking for products or services that are truly “innovative” — entries that stand out from the crowd; ideas that are very creative and perhaps even unique.
    • Judges review innovations from both new companies and those already successfully doing business.
    • The idea should be one that can lead to a “sustainable” successful business. For example, one that is not just a design on a napkin, but a product or service that has the best potential to help build or grow a successful company.
    • The product or service should be introduced during the last 18 months in the marketplace, or at least in a testing or beta situation where actual or potential customers already are using it.
    • The product or service doesn’t have to have made money, but it must show a potential for profitability and survival of the business.
    • Priority will be given to ideas that are clever, unique, creative; not on “slickness” of marketing materials.
    • A company that has won a previous IQ Award can win again for an entirely new product or service.


Boulder Valley: Monday, July 31, 2017